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More Outdoor Furniture Trends & Tips for Summer 2017

The summer solstice was last week, and brought with it the official start for summer in the Northern Hemisphere. With this being said, it was just a few weeks back when myself and the kids spent our day trips wrapped up tightly in our winter coats. While most of us in the UK love to complain about the weather, it would be nice to experience a prolonged batch of sun every now and again!

Even when the sun does come out, it seems like I end up in indoors because I’m working! The cycles of grey skies and rain is getting old!

Outdoor Furniture Trends

Since there’s not much we can do, why not hope for the best in 2017? The UK garden industry benefits greatly when the sun comes out to shine, since design and innovation can grow. While traditional metal garden sets continue to rise in popularity, there are some trends emerging that will redefine designer products in 2017.

Take swing chairs, for example. Porch swings are going to be incredibly popular come summer. We also love hammocks that are easy to move because they have a frame, rather than tie outs for trees. Let’s explore this in greater detail.

Movable Hammocks

Hammocks are undoubtedly relaxing, especially when the sun starts to shine. The unfortunate aspect of movable hammocks is that they are difficult to store. The frame often makes them very bulky. Because they’re super awkward, a good solution is to focus on portability. Portable hammocks can be packed up in a backpack and taken with you wherever you go. You can also easily put in into your garage or wherever needed when not in use. For most of us, we typically only use our hammock once or twice a year, so flexibility is important.