Feng Shui The Patio With Excellent Backyard Furniture.

The practice of Feng Shui is the art of making places that are like the real areas in the real world, not synthesized by humans. Feng Shui processes are the old Asian teaching that controls area positioning and space with respect to the influences of yang and yin and the movement of power through out anyone’s house or garden.

Furthermore, and surprisingly one of the most fun areas to do this is in your outdoor room! Put your patio furniture and pots or planters in the right position in relation to each other. Calm down, chill out and relax. Try different symmetrical lines for where the garden products are – trial and error can work – try different combinations and test them out. The garden can then become a bolt hole.

This means you can love your garden and achieve solace even in a mad modern city!

Patios Are For Lounging and Chilling – You Know It!

Pleasing metal outdoor furniture will make you use your garden room like nothing else – uncomfortable, ugly unloved wood furniture will not bed used or admired as much. We recommend aluminium furniture as the maintenance is virtually zero . But also, and just as importantly, you’ve got to make sure that the chairs are easy to sit in – so many seats look great but are too upright. Try as many chairs as possible as you want to relax with a nice cool drink after you have eaten alfresco.

Try these chairs for instance; click here to go to garden easy chairs.

A sunny backyard with a white table, two chairs and a stool.


Once you have got your patio furniture positioned, it’s to best please your inner natural insects – go to this Fen Shui website that will teach you the basic principles of the ancient art.

For the best Fen Shui the padding on your outdoor chairs or sofa must be in pleasant neutral colours like ecru, cream or sandstone. Many designers are of the opinion that these type of colours make for a chilling time, so people will use the Fen Shui space for a longer period.

Have Fun And Parties On your Patio

So, what table orientation should you get for your garden. Well round tables are really congenial (not congenital as one of my designer friends mistakenly exclaimed!) – you and your family, friends or guests will all be facing each other and no one will feel isolated.

I like rectangular tables as you can push them together when needed to make huge garden tables – buy 6 seat oblong tables and shove them next to each otter when needed.

What about tables that are elliptical:

Elliptical Garden furniture set club6 seater detail

This shape is really great and is found many times in nature, it is also the shape of the second world war British fighter plane, the beautiful Spitfire. This shape is perfect because you can make a large table that is not to wide but still has the advantage of people facing each other. This elliptical shape was first used as a patio table by the Australians – good on ya cobber!


If you want to be really designer chic, try a triangular garden table – these are hard to find but are certainly different.

Patios Are For Eating, Drinking And Being Merry!

To get the most Feng Shui effect we recommend a fire pit which has to be made of metal of course! Nowadays it is possible to purchase fire pits that turn into a light source and a BBQ and even a drinks cabinet. So with an iron bowl you have a fire, add a stainless steel grill and you get a BBQ, which emits light of course, then remove the fire bowl and replace it with an aluminium dish with ice for those cold beers!

As you sit on your patio or room, Fen Shui says that furniture (or say a BBQ) placed on the right will liven up your sex moves, or alternatively garden stuff put on the left creates calm and peaceful situations. Good luck with your Fen Shui……