Jardine Garden Furniture

Jardine Garden Furniture

Jardine Garden Furniture – Outside Aluminium Furnishings Manufacturer Returns To The UK

Living products all tend to be going in the direction of aluminium. This is mainly due to the natural qualities that aluminium has more than its competitors.

Aluminium is the lightest commercially feasible raw material on the marketplace, it is likewise rustproof and also extremely resilient. It is this absence of upkeep, and all-natural resistance to corrosion, that makes it so desirable. The purchase of these items indicates that you recognize you will certainly have it for a life time.

The Victorian Coalbrookdale Factory was producing premium quality cast iron garden furnishings for over 120 years. Besides being strongly established in the UK market, the business’s products were commonly exported to the British Empire.

The Rebirth of Jardine Garden Furniture

Jardine Garden Furniture has actually revitalized aluminium spreading of outdoor way of living in Lancashire after buying plant and devices that has actually been lying dormant for years.

Jardine Outdoor Furnishings, which drops under the Glen Manufacturing Group, has accessibility to six full-time developers in the R & D department.

” Our existing premises accommodates our shop, a machine shop, device and die making, manufacture, finishing, design division, display room, an electric department that wires all our lights items. This left us with very little room to fit the new project. We constructed a huge deck in the existing shop location: fettling as well as welding of the furnishings occurs in this area.”

Jardine Garden Furniture  – Powder Paint

“Cast aluminium furniture, while remaining budget-friendly, and also outmatches all other types of outside patio area furnishings. Aluminium is extremely long lasting, and will certainly preserve its structural integrity for years. While iron rusts and also wood decomposes with time, aluminium will not yield so quickly. Aluminium by nature does not rust or tarnish, so its original radiance will last for the life time of the furniture.”

“Each chair is 8 kilograms as well as a table about 11 kilograms. Designs range from specific chairs to finish collections. As soon as we start to ramp up with orders we are taking a look at casting between 15 and also 20 tons of parts a month.”

Jardine Garden Furniture – New designs

The Jardine range is based on the timeless and cutting-edge styles generated by the Coalbrookdale foundry in Shropshire, England. These products such as the Christopher Dresser (1834– 1904) bench, the Fern bench and also the Gothic bench were manufactured between 1820 – 1920.

Jardine Garden Furniture – Variety

” Within two weeks of the equipment arriving we were casting. The product we are making use of is LM6 and also we are casting 6 different chair styles along with six various table layouts. With all the various legs, arms as well as various other components we have an overall of 50 various dies that comprise the variety.”

“The Jardine Garden Furniture developers have actually been using the powerful style device SolidWorks that promptly transforms ideas right into a manufacturing fact. The easy-to-use software program has guaranteed layout principles are successfully synthesised.”

For further information contact Jardine Garden Furniture at www.jardineleisure.co.uk.

restore aluminium furniture

Revitalizing metal garden furniture.

Revitalizing metal garden furniture.

If metal garden furniture is left outside, at some point, it will endure the effects of the weather. Expect to see colonization by algae and flaking paint. There is a way you can revitalize tables and chairs within days, though.

Before the summer approaches, it’s prudent to prepare metal garden furniture for outdoor enjoyment. Sanding, scraping, and scrubbing isn’t necessary. There’s no need to endure dust, pollen, or winged bugs that can taint the paintwork, either.

Wait for the right weather to handle the topcoat. Look for a slightly dry overcast with no rain in sight.

Metal garden furniture will last much longer if can keep it stored away during colder seasons. That said, if you lack storage space, or if the furniture is too heavy to carry inside, ensure that the legs aren’t left on the grass. Use plastic sheets to cover up the furniture to protect it from the snow and rain.

Here’s what you’ll require:

  • Paintbrushes
  • Dust sheet
  • Work gloves
  • Spanner
  • Dust mask
  • Hacksaw
  • WD-40
  • Steel brush or scraper
  • Bleach or sterilizing solution
  • Sponge
  • Dry and wet abrasive paper
  • Glass paper
  • Cloths
  • Paint
  1. Inspect the condition of the bolts: Have a look at the bolts by holding the chairs and tables together. Any rusted or missing bolts warrant replacement. Select a spanner to match the nut’s size perfectly. If it isn’t able to undo them, use relapse oil like WD-40 and reattempt.
  2. Handling awkward bolts: A knock from a hammer will aid in disrupting the corrosion that has bound the bolt and nut together. Refrain from doing this on cast iron as it easily cracks. If no other options are available, use a hacksaw to saw through troublesome bolts and nuts. Replace them with new ones that are corrosion-resistant.
  3. Destroy algae: With heavy-duty rubber gloves on and with pets and kids far away from the scene, use sterilizing solution or a fungicidal wash to destroy spores and algae. Use a sponge or brush to apply it and wait a full day before rinsing it off with water. Alternatively, you can use household bleach, which is just as effective.
  4. Eliminate paint flakes: Add a piece of plastic sheeting or a dust sheet beneath furniture to simplify the clean-up process. With protective gloves on, use a scraper or steel brush to eliminate flaking and loose paint to create a suitable substrate for a new paint coat. A sharp, clean scrapper can make a big difference.
  5. Sand metal: if paint has faded away after significant exposure to the weather, what was once a strong aluminum alloy will become delicate powdery coat. Use wet and dry abrasive paper and a sanding block to take on the unbalanced surface until you reach a firm base. Ensure that a dust mask is protecting your face.
  6. Scrub it down: Meticulous preparation is the secret to a paint finish that lasts. Using detergent and hot water, scrub the garden furniture to take away dust particles and grease. Use clean water to rinse it down afterward. Use a sponge to absorb any lingering water and allow it to fully dry prior to taking on the next step.
  7. Get the surface ready: A variety of paints can be added right onto bare metal garden furniture unless the metal is an aluminum alloy or just aluminum, especially when a same-brand special primer is required also. If a general-purpose paint is used, it’s vital to adhere to the directions on the label and first apply the proper primer.
  8. Add paint: With protecting clothing on, add a paint coat and let it fully dry after it has been mildly sanded with fine glass paper so that it’s ready for another coat. Make sure you read the manufacturer’s suggestions for the ideal time to add another coat – several brands recommend adding it within 8 hours after the first coat has been applied.

Garden furniture metals

Iron and aluminum are a pair of metals mostly used for garden furniture. While aluminum won’t rust, it will slowly corrode, resulting in a pitted surface, in addition to other imperfections. Manufacturers of furniture handle cast aluminum with a unique coating to slow down the corrosion process, but the metal still requires periodic cleaning. Wrought iron doesn’t warrant maintenance pending it is protected with a coat of paint. Several products can be purchased to protect and seal iron to prolong its longevity.

Metal garden furniture sanitation

The initial step is to sanitize the furniture completely. To remove mild stains, use a mild acid such as lemon juice or vinegar, mix it with some water, and apply it to the aluminum. A mild detergent and water should be sufficient for iron, but it must be allowed to fully dry after being washed. A professional cleaner must sanitize aluminum, but exterior furniture can be cleaned on your own.

Getting paint off metal garden furniture

Painting over an existing coat results in issues such as chipping, bubbling, and unevenness in the new application. Each layer of paint must be totally removed prior to the piece receiving a new coat. This can be accomplished with a power washer, sandpaper, or paint removal solution.

Taking rust off metal garden furniture

Sanding is the single best way to handle rust and the optimal way to handle aluminum corrosion. A thorough sanding is required to take away all traces of rusted metal from a furniture piece prior to the application of another paint coat. Ornate pieces of furniture warrant the use of steel wool to access all the tight spots. A wire brush drill might be helpful in taking on big spaces. In areas that are humid, furniture should be painted right after it has been sanded and cleaned. If this is not performed, the whole visible surface will probably begin to rust within days.

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More Outdoor Furniture Trends & Tips for Summer 2017

The summer solstice was last week, and brought with it the official start for summer in the Northern Hemisphere. With this being said, it was just a few weeks back when myself and the kids spent our day trips wrapped up tightly in our winter coats. While most of us in the UK love to complain about the weather, it would be nice to experience a prolonged batch of sun every now and again!

Even when the sun does come out, it seems like I end up in indoors because I’m working! The cycles of grey skies and rain is getting old!

Outdoor Furniture Trends

Since there’s not much we can do, why not hope for the best in 2017? The UK garden industry benefits greatly when the sun comes out to shine, since design and innovation can grow. While traditional metal garden sets continue to rise in popularity, there are some trends emerging that will redefine designer products in 2017.

Take swing chairs, for example. Porch swings are going to be incredibly popular come summer. We also love hammocks that are easy to move because they have a frame, rather than tie outs for trees. Let’s explore this in greater detail.

Movable Hammocks

Hammocks are undoubtedly relaxing, especially when the sun starts to shine. The unfortunate aspect of movable hammocks is that they are difficult to store. The frame often makes them very bulky. Because they’re super awkward, a good solution is to focus on portability. Portable hammocks can be packed up in a backpack and taken with you wherever you go. You can also easily put in into your garage or wherever needed when not in use. For most of us, we typically only use our hammock once or twice a year, so flexibility is important.

Choosing The Right Material For Your Backyard Furniture

This content comes to us from Patio Productions, expert manufacturers of modern luxury resin wicker furniture. Be sure to check them out!

When it comes to shopping for backyard furniture, it is important to know what type of material is best suited for your needs. Different materials have different requirements in terms of care and maintenance, as well as different price points. Where and how you plan to use your new outdoor furniture is also an important factor to consider.

Synthetic Resin Wicker

Synthetic resin wicker is very popular in the industry because it is a material designed to be used outdoors. HDPE specifically, (High Density Polyethylene) is known as the best type of synthetic wicker for patio furniture. It is extremely resistant to cracking and fading in the sun, and won’t lose color from being scratched. The color runs all through the entire material, not just on the surface. HDPE is also very resistant to cold temperatures which can cause other materials to crack.

If you’re a fan of the modern outdoor look, synthetic wicker is a good choice because there is a lot of variety in the marketplace. Many manufacturers use synthetic wicker for their modern design furniture. The differences come down to the wicker, which can vary. The wicker can be flat or thick weave, wide or thin, textured or plain, and use a different finish or combination of finishes. A popular look these days is blending mid-century with modern design elements.

Aluminum Backyard Furniture

Most synthetic wicker is attached to aluminum frames. Aluminum is very reliable because it will not rust. Rust from aluminum only appears superficially on the surface, but will never harm the integrity of the metal. Aluminum frames with powdercoat finishes are essentially rust-proof and can be used in coastal areas with no worry about corrosion.

Benefits of Aluminum Outdoor Furniture:

  • Easy to clean and polish
  • Much lighter than wrought iron or steel
  • Rust proof
  • Malleable and easy to manufacture
  • Can be left outside

For these and many other reasons, aluminum is also a smart choice for backyard furniture. Aluminum dining sets and chairs are very lightweight. They can be moved around and reconfigured without much effort, and you can leave them outside for extended periods of time with little to no maintenance. This is great for people who like to have large gatherings but don’t want a lot of back breaking work. All you really need to do is hose it down every now and then. As a soft metal, aluminum can be worked into curved shapes for a softer look, but is also great for creating a clean modern look.

Teak Furniture

The properties of teak make it one of the most used wood types because it contains natural oils that prevent rot and mildew. When allowed to age gracefully, the wood takes an attractive silver patina but won’t lose it’s integrity. You can leave teak in this state but you always have the option of bringing it back to life by doing an application of teak oil. This brings back the wood’s beautiful blond color.

It’s important to consider that teak will require more maintenance than other types of outdoor materials. It’s important to brush it off every few months to remove dust and pollen from the grain of the wood. To maintain the color, an application of teak oil is necessary at least once a year. Keeping the furniture protected such as under a covered patio or shaded area also helps a lot. Teak is also more expensive than synthetic wicker and aluminum furniture.

When it comes to making backyard furniture, it’s very important to use durable materials that can endure the elements. Whether it’s extreme heat or extreme cold, mother nature can make your outdoor furniture rust, crack, peel, or fade within a year if the materials are not up to par. Don’t be afraid to ask too many questions when you’re shopping for your first time and make sure the furniture you’re getting will last you for many years to come.

Aluminium Garden Furniture Guide

Help With Buying Metal Backyard Furniture

If you are in the market for garden tables, chairs or loungers there are a large number of alternatives to choose from, different price levels and a confusing amount of different designs.

Wooden patio furniture is very tactile to use at first, but will it be quickly changed by the elements? How long will it look this good and will it crack? Will you have to endure years of maintenance work just to keep it looking acceptable? You may like the look of solid iron garden furniture, but it is so heavy and of course it will quickly start to rust – the paint will start to lift and peel off in no time. So the money you spend on wood or iron furniture may be a false economy in the long term.

Selecting the right metal for your outdoor dining set can be a very difficult task. We know there can be no alternative to cast aluminium to make long lasting garden furniture which will not rust, is light to move around and simply jet wash to keep it clean. This aluminum choice will make financial sense in the long run and eliminates any possible cases of ‘maintenance trauma.’ Aluminium furniture is better quality, is great to look at and doesn’t cost the earth to buy! Plus today’s designs are so well thought out that the chairs or loungers are amazingly comfortable even when you are not dining – cos you want to relax after your meal right?
aluminium garden furniture







Please Read Our Advice On The Pros Of Aluminium

If you want strength, buy aluminium table and chairs.

One of the most common metals in the world is aluminium, this is so lucky as it is such a versatile element. It’s a complicated and energy sapping process to get aluminum out of the ore, but it’s definitely worth it in the end. Aluminium has been utilized in many products since it was discovered in Denmark in 1825. It has been extensively used in business and commerce, from car parts, combustion engines, aeroplanes, indoor and outdoor furniture, crockery, cutlery, in space, in weapons and even in modern art sculpture. Why?

Aluminium is:

  • relatively light
  • easily polishes
  • very strong in all directions
  • moderately malleable
  • high melting point (approximately 630 centigrade)
  • will not rust
  • it does oxidize but only on the surface
  • abundant in our world
  • easily machined, cast or worked

aluminium set









Aluminum is very well thought of as so many other raw materials deteriorate in our climate, sun, rain, wind, storms, typhoons and snowy conditions. Aluminium is perfect for garden furniture as you can put it on your patio and FORGET ABOUT OUT, until you are ready to party!


Aluminium patio furniture is very very light compared with other metal used in the outdoor industry.

aluminium products








So aluminium is weather resistant and solid, however it is also extra light. Have you ever tried to lug iron furniture around the patio or to the other end of the garden – oh my god! One single iron garden bench can weigh 200kgs! Please imagine this, you are in the garden in the spring, the sun comes out and you wish to get your furniture ready for an impromptu BBQ, if the table and chairs are manufactured from aluminium this is a breeze, if it’s made from iron, for example, you will need a lot of help and you will have to get ready for back pain! If you want to use your furniture for festivities or you are moving house, the task will not be so traumatic if it’s made from aluminium.


Cast aluminum furniture looks great!

aluminium set chairs






Modern aluminium patio furniture is not just the designs that were made in the 1950s like a folding beach chair or a frame with rubber strapping wrapped round it. There are great new chic designs out there!

In addition, new cushion materials have been invented in a plethora of colours that means furniture upholstery can be left outside with the aluminium without fear of degradation. Woven polypropylene comes in many trendy colours but it is brushed and feels like natural cotton. This new synthetic material, like Sunbrella, drys quickly after rainfall, resists mildew, is waterproof and it is even UV resistant; so it will not fade outside.

So because of all the outdoor use qualities of aluminium and modern outdoor cushions, manufacturers can give extended warranties – in some cases guarantees are well over 10 years.

So go for metal garden furniture, you will not regret it!



Fen Shui Your Garden furniture

Feng Shui The Patio With Excellent Backyard Furniture.

The practice of Feng Shui is the art of making places that are like the real areas in the real world, not synthesized by humans. Feng Shui processes are the old Asian teaching that controls area positioning and space with respect to the influences of yang and yin and the movement of power through out anyone’s house or garden.

Furthermore, and surprisingly one of the most fun areas to do this is in your outdoor room! Put your patio furniture and pots or planters in the right position in relation to each other. Calm down, chill out and relax. Try different symmetrical lines for where the garden products are – trial and error can work – try different combinations and test them out. The garden can then become a bolt hole.

This means you can love your garden and achieve solace even in a mad modern city!

Patios Are For Lounging and Chilling – You Know It!

Pleasing metal outdoor furniture will make you use your garden room like nothing else – uncomfortable, ugly unloved wood furniture will not bed used or admired as much. We recommend aluminium furniture as the maintenance is virtually zero . But also, and just as importantly, you’ve got to make sure that the chairs are easy to sit in – so many seats look great but are too upright. Try as many chairs as possible as you want to relax with a nice cool drink after you have eaten alfresco.

Try these chairs for instance; click here to go to garden easy chairs.

A sunny backyard with a white table, two chairs and a stool.


Once you have got your patio furniture positioned, it’s to best please your inner natural insects – go to this Fen Shui website that will teach you the basic principles of the ancient art.

For the best Fen Shui the padding on your outdoor chairs or sofa must be in pleasant neutral colours like ecru, cream or sandstone. Many designers are of the opinion that these type of colours make for a chilling time, so people will use the Fen Shui space for a longer period.

Have Fun And Parties On your Patio

So, what table orientation should you get for your garden. Well round tables are really congenial (not congenital as one of my designer friends mistakenly exclaimed!) – you and your family, friends or guests will all be facing each other and no one will feel isolated.

I like rectangular tables as you can push them together when needed to make huge garden tables – buy 6 seat oblong tables and shove them next to each otter when needed.

What about tables that are elliptical:

Elliptical Garden furniture set club6 seater detail

This shape is really great and is found many times in nature, it is also the shape of the second world war British fighter plane, the beautiful Spitfire. This shape is perfect because you can make a large table that is not to wide but still has the advantage of people facing each other. This elliptical shape was first used as a patio table by the Australians – good on ya cobber!


If you want to be really designer chic, try a triangular garden table – these are hard to find but are certainly different.

Patios Are For Eating, Drinking And Being Merry!

To get the most Feng Shui effect we recommend a fire pit which has to be made of metal of course! Nowadays it is possible to purchase fire pits that turn into a light source and a BBQ and even a drinks cabinet. So with an iron bowl you have a fire, add a stainless steel grill and you get a BBQ, which emits light of course, then remove the fire bowl and replace it with an aluminium dish with ice for those cold beers!

As you sit on your patio or room, Fen Shui says that furniture (or say a BBQ) placed on the right will liven up your sex moves, or alternatively garden stuff put on the left creates calm and peaceful situations. Good luck with your Fen Shui……