Help With Buying Metal Backyard Furniture

If you are in the market for garden tables, chairs or loungers there are a large number of alternatives to choose from, different price levels and a confusing amount of different designs.

Wooden patio furniture is very tactile to use at first, but will it be quickly changed by the elements? How long will it look this good and will it crack? Will you have to endure years of maintenance work just to keep it looking acceptable? You may like the look of solid iron garden furniture, but it is so heavy and of course it will quickly start to rust – the paint will start to lift and peel off in no time. So the money you spend on wood or iron furniture may be a false economy in the long term.

Selecting the right metal for your outdoor dining set can be a very difficult task. We know there can be no alternative to cast aluminium to make long lasting garden furniture which will not rust, is light to move around and simply jet wash to keep it clean. This aluminum choice will make financial sense in the long run and eliminates any possible cases of ‘maintenance trauma.’ Aluminium furniture is better quality, is great to look at and doesn’t cost the earth to buy! Plus today’s designs are so well thought out that the chairs or loungers are amazingly comfortable even when you are not dining – cos you want to relax after your meal right?
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Please Read Our Advice On The Pros Of Aluminium

If you want strength, buy aluminium table and chairs.

One of the most common metals in the world is aluminium, this is so lucky as it is such a versatile element. It’s a complicated and energy sapping process to get aluminum out of the ore, but it’s definitely worth it in the end. Aluminium has been utilized in many products since it was discovered in Denmark in 1825. It has been extensively used in business and commerce, from car parts, combustion engines, aeroplanes, indoor and outdoor furniture, crockery, cutlery, in space, in weapons and even in modern art sculpture. Why?

Aluminium is:

  • relatively light
  • easily polishes
  • very strong in all directions
  • moderately malleable
  • high melting point (approximately 630 centigrade)
  • will not rust
  • it does oxidize but only on the surface
  • abundant in our world
  • easily machined, cast or worked

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Aluminum is very well thought of as so many other raw materials deteriorate in our climate, sun, rain, wind, storms, typhoons and snowy conditions. Aluminium is perfect for garden furniture as you can put it on your patio and FORGET ABOUT OUT, until you are ready to party!


Aluminium patio furniture is very very light compared with other metal used in the outdoor industry.

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So aluminium is weather resistant and solid, however it is also extra light. Have you ever tried to lug iron furniture around the patio or to the other end of the garden – oh my god! One single iron garden bench can weigh 200kgs! Please imagine this, you are in the garden in the spring, the sun comes out and you wish to get your furniture ready for an impromptu BBQ, if the table and chairs are manufactured from aluminium this is a breeze, if it’s made from iron, for example, you will need a lot of help and you will have to get ready for back pain! If you want to use your furniture for festivities or you are moving house, the task will not be so traumatic if it’s made from aluminium.


Cast aluminum furniture looks great!

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Modern aluminium patio furniture is not just the designs that were made in the 1950s like a folding beach chair or a frame with rubber strapping wrapped round it. There are great new chic designs out there!

In addition, new cushion materials have been invented in a plethora of colours that means furniture upholstery can be left outside with the aluminium without fear of degradation. Woven polypropylene comes in many trendy colours but it is brushed and feels like natural cotton. This new synthetic material, like Sunbrella, drys quickly after rainfall, resists mildew, is waterproof and it is even UV resistant; so it will not fade outside.

So because of all the outdoor use qualities of aluminium and modern outdoor cushions, manufacturers can give extended warranties – in some cases guarantees are well over 10 years.

So go for metal garden furniture, you will not regret it!